Us as a company

  • In business for 16 years locally and a shingle master credentialed company since 2012
  • We have a physical office location you can visit us at
  • We will answer service calls - if you don't reach us, we will phone all callbacks
  • 10 years workmanship warranty
  • Fully insured with WSIB Clearance & 5 million liability insurance
  • Height-related training and certification for all employees and provide them with health benefits
  • We have certified 4-star Shingle Master installation crews
  • There will be a final inspection before the invoice
BC Roofing working on-site at a home installing a new roof.
BC Roofing on site installing skylight and new roof

On-site expectations

  • All staff wear company logo clothing for easy detection
  • Use of our company cam (allows you to see what is going on anytime from anywhere)
  • We provide landscape protection with plywood and tarping off areas as needed such as gardens, walkways, driveway, etc.
  • We will move your outdoor furniture away from the house to protect it, then return it to its proper location when finished
  • Clean up after installation and after each day on multiple-day projects inlcuding magnetic clean-up of the property
  • We'll use our, EQUIPTER RB4000, for debris management
  • Clean gutters after installation
  • Provide onsite construction toilets if needed (so we don’t need to enter your home)

Product & workmanship expectations

  • Manufacturer-specific starter premium shingle as a base shingle (Certainteed Landmark series)
  • Manufacturer-specific synthetic underlayment on the remaining roof surface
  • Ice & water shields specific to the manufacturer installed at eaves,
    valleys, side walls, plumbing stacks, chimneys, and bath/kitchen exhaust
  • 26ga step flashing on wall
  • 26 or 24ga custom wall and chimney flashing
  • Install new 26ga drip edge/eave starter
  • 26ga shop fabricated W-style valleys
  • The ability to fabricate extremely complex flashings using double-fold lock details
  • Calculation and configuration of the new / updated venting (if needed)
  • New / updated pipe flashings
  • Inspection and repair of deficiencies in plywood prior to installation - we will not shingle over old shingles or damaged plywood

Our warranties

Since 2012, B.C. Roofing has been a CertainTeed Saint Gobain Shingle Master Credentialed Company. Our entire staff is made up of Master Shingle Applicators allowing us to offer 4-star Surestart PLUS™ warranty coverage on all of our completed work. Surestart's 4-star warranty covers materials, labour, tear, and disposal expenses in years 1 to 50. Our workmanship and materials are covered by the following warranties.


Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

While you may not want to ever think about replacing your roof, as long as the sky is blue, the time will come. But don’t dread this time in your life, because with the right contractor the experience can be quite pleasant.

The right roofing contractor will take into consideration many things while preparing a proposal for the client. These include ventilation, required underlayments, flashing details, the recommended shingle and any problem areas on the roof. The roofing contractor will also give an estimated time to complete the job along with an approximate start date.

In addition to receiving impeccable service and flawless installation from a reliable roofing contractor, you can be proud of your upgraded roof every time you pull into your driveway. Knowing that for years to come, you won't have any roof-related problems.

A few questions to ask when choosing a good roofing contractor